From the World of Innovation, News  /  14/04/2020

3D print helps fight coronavirus

Secondary school in the town of Rakovník works with a nanotechnology company

Emil Kolben Secondary School in the town of Rakovník, Central Bohemia, has joined the project “3D Print against COVID-19”. The school’s 3D printers have been running almost constantly. The result: respirators with nanofabric filters that are distributed to social care and health care facilities in the region. School staff operate the production.

We operate the 3D printers together with deputy headmistress Jindřiška Kopřivová, our economists and janitors attach the strings etc. We have used printing material that we won as prizes in various competitions or received from vendors as samples. The respirators are fitted with filters cut out from scraps of nanofabric, a courtesy of Rakovník-based producer NANOVIA s.r.o.”, explains deputy headmaster Jaroslav Redl.

A total of 120 respirators printed and assembled by the school have been distributed in and around the town to social services providers, a senior asylum, emergency response and rescue corps, a local hospital and GPs.

3D printer respirators.

Not only have the staff of Emil Kolben Secondary School engaged in a volunteer activity to help fight COVID-19, but also improved their 3D print product thanks to collaboration with a local nanotechnology company. The initiative is another example that secondary schools can become important engines of innovation at the local level!