From the World of Innovation  /  09/04/2020

BIOCEV Center granted authorization to perform large-scale coronavirus testing

An international team of scientists at BIOCEV, a joint research facility of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University, now can test more than a thousand samples a day.

The biotechnology and biomedicine center in Vestec near Prague has joined an initiative by academic institutions aimed at accelerating testing of the population for SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the COVID-19 disease. The center has dedicated specially equipped labs for the testing, compliant with the most stringent criteria for handling hazardous biological samples.

“Our workers have been properly trained and have extensive experience with manual virus isolation, detection and operation of cutting-edge laboratory equipment,” says RNDr. Ruth Tachezy, lead test coordinator at BIOCEV.

The testing will be carried out by virology labs and research facilities of the 1st Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science of Charles University, and the Biotechnology Institute and Molecular Genetics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences. BIOCEV has also set up a support and administrative team of researchers and technical staff.

“Boosting the coronavirus testing capacity represents a major contribution to managing the current crisis situation. The involvement of science and research facilities is only a logical step to resolve the pressing problem of a shortage of qualified staff  and equipment. I believe that the situation will soon be under control and that our people will help achieve that,” says prof. Pavel Martásek, CEO, BIOCEV.