Innovation in the Central Bohemia Region

There are many ways to contribute the innovation in The Central Bohemia Region. Which one would you choose?

Ask about everything

Do you have any question regarding your business? Are you interested, for example, in, why is the co-operation with a research centre useful? What subsidy can you apply for? How to arrange the Smart City system for your village? We will gladly answer all your questions, so don´t be scared to ask.


Broaden your horizons

The research institutes from the Central Bohemia are known for their results, all over the world. It would be a shame if local people didn´t know about their great work. Join the outgoing panel discussions, which take place all over the Central Bohemia Region.


Find a creative person

Every company sometimes needs a handy creative. Would you like to have nice content on social networks? Do you need to take pictures of your goods, or make a video about the event that you organized? Ask for the Creative voucher and get up to 300 000 crowns for professional services from our Creative gallery.


Find your subsidy

We have put together a complete overview of subsidies and grants in research, development and innovation that you can get. Take a look at them and choose the best option for your company.


Don´t worry about paperwork

We all know that. People like to improve the environment around themselves, but they usually end up filling up complicated paperwork. Join the Assistance program, thanks to which you will not get lost in grants, projects and applications.

Start to innovate

We are announcing another possibility of requesting the Innovation Voucher. Thanks to this voucher, you can, for example, pay the co-operation with the research and scientific subject or buy new equipment. Find out, what is necessary to do and start to innovate right this year.

Join the discussion

The representatives of companies, cities, villages and academic or research institutions meet regularly and together work on the improvement of the Central Bohemia Region. If you also want to contribute your ideas and knowledge, become a member of our innovation platform.

Live in a smart city

Imagine, for instance, crossroads powered by the sun, water system, which knows how to reduce water waste, or trash bins that will let dustmen know that they are full. This all is supervised by Smart City system. Join current projects, which are supposed to improve life in villages and cities.

Implement your ideas

You are about to expand your current business in a new direction, but you are not sure that you do it right. Do you have an original vision, but you don´t know how to implement it? Join our SIC LAB, in which you can try if your idea has a chance to succeed.


Make your job easier

Thanks to modern technology, companies today can remotely control their production, gain information about the storage of goods, or watch, at the real-time, what is the state of their technical equipment. Industry 4.0 is here, so do not hesitate and join us with your company.

The stories of innovation

We have already helped more than one project. Read the stories of successful businesses from the Central Bohemia Region.

The stories of innovation

How to innovate

Ask us, how can you improve your business or just ask for innovation and creative vouchers.


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