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T-Mobile Rozjezdy Award for the best technology solution goes to Tomáš Poláček from Central Bohemia

The jury granted the award for the best technology solution to Tomáš Poláček from Babice u Říčan, Central Bohemia, for his cubes for controlling an intelligent house that will make life easier not only for smart home owners but also for children and people with fine motor skills disorders.  

Ľubomír Kobéda became the absolute winner of the 10th T-Mobile Rozjezdy competition for his shop that offers dry sourdough mixtures. He received a prize of nearly 700 thousand CZK for a clever business plan and an ability to tap on an opportunity associated with the state of emergency this spring. In the responsible projects category, the jury selected Viktor Karlík from the town of Zlín and his self-sustaining straw panels that will make it easier to build passive houses. This year’s winner, Ľubomír Kobéda, hails from the city of Brno. His KváseCzech is an original shop with mixtures for homemade sourdough pastry. The package contains a doze of sleeping sourdough starter, flour mixture to make 1 kg of pastry, and detailed directions including timing. Ľubomír Kobéda has been baking sourdough bread since 2012. He has tried various methods, attended baking courses and now lectures on traditional bread making. Ľubomír’s project was a clear winner for the jury that was made up of experts, successful entrepreneurs and investors. “The inconspicuous project is highly sophisticated and based on a well-calculated business plan, and builds on years of experience from seeking a way to the perfect loaf of bread and delivering the best course of instruction. In addition, Ľubomír was able to masterfully leverage the yeast shortage during the epidemic and managed to get his packages to retail chains,” says Martina Kemrová, Corporate Communication Manager at T-Mobile, who chaired the jury.

Special Awards

This year’s business competition saw several firsts. For the first time, the jury had to meet online because of restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic. For the first time, they granted the Best Technology Solution Award and the Responsible Business Award that carry a financial reward and a package of telecommunication services. These awards were open to all projects that placed first, second or third in the regional rounds. As the best technology project, the jury chose a unique solution to control a smart home by Tomáš Poláček from Babice u Říčan, Central Bohemia. His wooden blocks have no display or controls yet allow to close the window blinds, switch on the TV and turn of the lights, all with a single move. They are easy to use even for small children and people with fine motor skills disorders. He received a financial injection of 150,000 CZK from T-Mobile to get his idea to production.

The award for responsible business goes to Viktor Karlík from the town of Zlín. Building straw houses for years, he wanted to make the construction easier, so he designed self-sustaining wood and straw panels. His panels will accelerate and improve the construction of houses with a very high energy performance and passive houses. The panels that are made of ordinary waste straw can also be used to insulate traditional buildings. The winner of the Responsible Business Award, Viktor Karlík, received a reward of 100,000 CZK from T-Mobile. Both Viktor Karlík and Tomáš Poláček have also received a package of telecommunication services and a suite of T-Cloud business software applications (including Microsoft Office 365; Kaspersky security software; PhoneCopy for easy mobile phone backup; and a professional solution to back up PCs, servers and mobile phones to a secure cloud from Xopero Software, a leading European provider) with a total value of nearly 87,000 CZK.

For the second year, the Czech Management Association (CMA) selected best young talents among the regional winners under 40 years of age. Special CMA prizes went to Viktor Karlík (self-sustaining straw panels, 38), David Stančík (Give Blood App, 19) and Adam Vlček (Edudadoo, 36). The three will have an opportunity to join the XY – Transfer mentoring program to draw experience from their seasoned colleagues. “XY – Transfer is a prestigious project that offers young talented managers and entrepreneurs an opportunity to discover the way of thinking of high achievers, to work with them and get inspired. We hope that XY – Transfer will help the the winners make their business dreams come true,” adds Vilém Vrba, a member of the board of the Czech Management Association.

There were 406 entrants in the 10th T-Mobile Rozjezdy competition. A third of them were IT projects (29%), in particular software and IoT applications. The second most numerous were educational and leisure activities and products. 21% were sustainable business ideas, such as aquaponic farms, a bio flower shop, and a toy rental. “Once again, we had companies offering glass drinking straws, a CNG car pool, and several clothing recycling firms,” said Eva Karasová, CSR Manager at T-Mobile, summarizing the competing business plans. The strongest competition was in the capital city with 118 projects, followed by South Moravia (57 entries) and Central Bohemia (44 entries).

T-mobile Rozjezdy winners. Source: T-mobile

Source: T-mobile