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Ten People Receive the 2019 Central Bohemia Governor Award

On Thursday, December 12, the winners of the 2019 Central Bohemia Governor Award were announced at the Metoděj Vlach Aircraft Museum in the town of Mladá Boleslav. This was the second year of the award which saw a total of 33 nominations. One of the nominations was a team of four people, another was a couple. The jury granted awards in eight categories. The winner of the ninth category, the Public Prize, was selected by general public in an online vote.

“In today’s hectic world, we do not have much time to stop and think about people who deserve our respect and admiration. I have introduced the Governor Award as an opportunity to symbolically acknowledge and appreciate their deeds that may serve as inspiration to others. From internationally recognized scientists to volunteers who devote their time to education of children to researchers who study and document the history of our region, these people often sacrifice their private lives for the benefit of all of us,” said Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová, the Governor of Central Bohemia (a member of the ruling ANO 2011 political party).

Central Bohemian Governor Award 2019, Source:

Central Bohemian Governor Award 2019, Source:

The jury selected the following winners:

Heroic deed – Ivana JIROCHOVÁ for a prompt help when a fire broke out in her neighborhood in the village of Tmaň near the town of Beroun. She first called the emergency line and then rushed to the burning house to rescue her disabled neighbor.

Social responsibilityDoc. Ing. Josef ZICHA, CSc., who has for the past forty years organized and conducted an orchestra and choir of non-professional musicians and singers every year to perform the Christmas Mass by Jakub Jan Ryba. He trains the volunteers and conducts concerts for no reward.

Culture – Jiří HAMPL  – for his life-long achievements, in particular for his work on a sculpture to commemorate WWII child victims in Lidice. He worked together with his wife, sculptor Marie Uchytilová. They started working on the sculptural group comprising 82 child figures in 1975.

Culture/social responsibility – Karel LOJKA for his years-long study and popularization of the history of the town of Mělník and its surroundings. He became famous for his time-lapse photos of disappearing objects in the town and its vicinity, taking comparative photos and publishing them in social media.

Education, science and research – Prof. MUDr. Cyril HÖSCHL, DrSc, FRCPsych. The Director of the Mental Health Institute in Klecany received the award for his life-long commitment to popularization of science, education of students and extensive publication activity. He is a member of the Central Bohemian Competitiveness Council, an advisory body of the Central Bohemian Regional Council for support initiatives aimed at innovative entrepreneurship, science and research in Central Bohemia.

Public sector employee – MUDr. Anna VRBOVCOVÁ for her life-long dedicated and highly qualified service as a physician and her emphatic and patient approach to patients. Since 2012 she has worked full-time for the Central Bohemian Emergency Medical Service where she had previously worked part-time from 1996.

Entrepreneurship – Petr KOŽENÝ (in memoriam) – for his life-long contribution to the development of water sports. In 2007, he built one of the first river marinas in the country with complete equipment and services for water sports, the Marina Vltava in Nelahozeves.

Sports – Kristýna SPLAVCOVÁ and Josef SPLAVEC – for their years-long commitment to organization of motocross races and events for people on wheelchairs which they support financially.

Public Prize – Josef KESSLER – Chairman of VFD Senec, who has been a volunteer firefighter for more than 50 years. Over the years, he has assisted at many emergencies, organized hundreds of events, carries out administrative duties and works with young leaders to help with establishing new volunteer fire departments. In an online vote on the Central Bohemian Administration’s website, he received nearly 37,000 votes out of the total of 71,643 to win the Public Prize.

“It was not an easy task for the jury because all of the nominees would deserve the award. Let me congratulate the winners and thank all the others who ran for the award. I wish them best of luck in their further efforts,” said Governor Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová.

The Central Bohemia Governor Award is meant as a symbolic expression of gratitude to people who have helped others, acted bravely in emergency situations, or have contributed to the good name or development of the region. The candidates must be associated with the region: either by their place of birth or dwelling, or by their life, work, initiatives or activities. Candidates can be nominated by anyone using an online form on the Central Bohemian Administration’s website.

Central Bohemian Governor Award 2019, Source:

Members of the jury included central Bohemian Governor (as the chair), members of the Regional Council, representatives of political factions in the regional parliament, and independent experts – specialists in the respective fields.


Source: Central Bohemian Regional Administration,